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First Published: September 19: 2023
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The Ellaarch Humanion is part of Elleesium Group of Publications, The Humanion UK Online Daily, The Humanion Portable, The Humanicsxian, that are published by Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, which is a not-for-profit social enterprise, that publishes news, analyses and research in all areas, fields, arenas and spheres of learning, research and innovation, showcasing the endeavours and efforts of human imagination, ingenuity and creativity in seeking to learn and advance learning and enlightenment in continual pursuance of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom: from Medicine to Seismology, from Astrophysics to Archaeology, from Genetics to Sociology and Jurisprudence. 

Sending News Items

All concerned people, professionals and agencies in all fields of learning, research and innovation, are welcome and invited to send press releases, news, reports and any other resources to elle at

Submitting Research

Research papers can be submitted for publication in The Ellaarch Humanion without any deadline. Please, follow the following guidelines in submitting research papers.
Synopsis: A synopsis of the Research: 500-words
Names and Contact Details of the Researchers Involved
Name and Contact Details of the Lead Researcher
Names and Contact Details of the Agencies Involved in the Research
Names and Contact Details of the Funders of the Research
List of Publications: Where papers have already been published, that have been undertaken by any:all researchers involved
Declaration of Interest: A short declaration of interest must be submitted, stating, clearly as to whether any of the researchers involved, has any financial or fiduciary connections or links to any of the funding agencies, that are funding the proposed research: that includes the past and the future. This declaration must be signed by all researchers, including the Lead Researcher. This can be an electronic copy, signed by all concerned.
The Names and Contact Details of the Highest Supervising Persons From All the Agencies Under Whose Approval the Researchers Are Working and Being Guided by.
Once these are received you will be notified whether you can submit your Research for publication.
All Research Papers should be submitted in both word format and PDF Format: any image, graphics and other necessary materials should be submitted as asked for by the Editorial Team.
The Research will be published when all the necessary works have been completed. However, a likely timescale of publication can be given. 


The Ellaarch Humanion belongs to Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, that is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Despite, wanting to do so, it is not possible to offer any remuneration for any research work, being published.

Once the research has been published, which will be in PDF format on the website of The Ellaarch Humanion, with its own online address, where it shall forever remain published as it has been published on the day of publication. No change or alteration or modification or correction can be made after that point.  

Sending Your Proposal: elle at

Editorial Team
Tuesday: September 19: 2023

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Imagination Ingenuity and Creativity Journal



For Advancing Human Intelligence and The Human Condition

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